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Name Play

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With its play environment that reflects that of a school and many personalizable components, Name Play will motivate the child to explore reading and writing exercises in comfort and style. Turn off the lights and battle pesky ninjas, play with letters as they float through space, trace letters, create birthday invitations with the typewriter, and even learn the importance of caring for one’s belongings! Recommended Ages 6 and under FEATURES• 8 games designed to encourage play with names• Learn the names of friends and family • Customizable locker featuring many awesome surprises• A cameo from the Android Robot • Kid friendly, crash-resistant​ design• Play with lowercase or UPPERCASE letters • Track progress on the parental dashboard• Multiple language support• Designed with expert teachers and tested by kids
PEDAGOGY A name is a source of identity and pride for a young child. Learning to read and write it is a milestone and for many, the gateway to becoming an emergent reader. In fact, The National Reading Panel specifies that by the end of kindergarten, children should be able to write their own first and last names and the first names of some friends, classmates, or family members. The ability to accomplish this task shows evidence of the child’s phonological and alphabetic awareness as well as their fine motor skills– all of which play an important role in becoming a capable reader.
ABOUT US Edoki Academy’s mission is to provide children with enjoyable early-learning activities using the latest technologies. Our team members, many of whom are young parents or teachers, strive to produce tools that motivate and inspire children to learn, play, and progress.
PRIVACY We take your child’s privacy very seriously, for this reason, we are proud to offer a product that is certified COPPA compliant by PRIVO.
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